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Technical Drawing – Konig Wolf Zoid

This was a project I had for one of my drawing classes, we were tasked with choosing a item that had quite a few parts to it and then assigned to draw the object we chose. I chose a model I had sitting around of a Zoid called a Konig Wolf. We spent roughly half… Read more »

Jade Rabbit – The Tea Specialty Shop

Project: Create your own fictional business, then create the business collateral, storefront design and advertisement. For this project I created a company called the Jade Rabbit, which is a store that specializes in tea and other accessories. See the reason I choose the name Jade Rabbit.  

New Moon – Book Cover Design

Project: Remake a Book Cover Design from an already existing book. For this project I chose to remake the “New Moon” cover design from the Twilight Series. After having finished reading it not long before this project I recalled there being a part with a yellow Porsche. I found some images and vectorized them so… Read more »

Paint Glaze and Fire – Packaging Design

Project: Create a packaging design for a real or fictional company. I created a packaging design for a company I used to work at called Paint Glaze & Fire, they are a ceramic studio and coffee shop. In the past they have been using regular brown paper sacks and to follow the theme of being… Read more »